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Chuck Eye Steak - AKA the Poor Mans Ribeye

Chuck Eye Steak - AKA the Poor Mans Ribeye

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The number of steaks may vary in order to meet the target weight. 

Looking for a truly beefy experience? Chuck-eye steaks are also known as “The Poor Man’s Ribeye” because of their lower price. Chuck-eyes are a continuation of the Rib-eye muscle as it extends into the shoulder. Extra beefy flavor and lower price make this cut an amazing every day eating experience. These steaks are surprisingly tender and cook the same as any other steak. Try them with a marinade!

*Quantity of steaks varies due to variation in weight of individual cuts. We guarantee that each box will contain approximately 4 kg of Chuck Eye Steaks.

Steaks are cut 3/4 - 1 Inch thick.

Dry-aged 21 days, Alberta grass fed, grass finished beef raised on our 4th generational family farm and ranch. Raised without added hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. All of our products are individually vacuum sealed.

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