Know Your Farmer… Meet Kimberly Doerksen

Know Your Farmer… Meet Kimberly Doerksen

The Doerksen’s farm and ranch is a 4th generation family business, owned and operated by the Doerksen family since 1932. Farming is truly a family affair, and each member of the family plays an important role in ensuring that our cattle, crops and pastures are well taken care of. And our kids (the fifth generation) are learning to love and appreciate the land and cattle as well.

Today, we’re excited to share the third article in our Know Your Farmer blog series. If you missed our first few Q&A’s, meet Lorin and Daniel Doerksen.

Introducing…Kimberly Doerksen!

Q: Tell us a little about your history with farming. How did it shape your life?

A: I didn’t grow up on a farm but always loved animals, especially horses. I got into farming when I married Daniel. I didn’t realize all that went into farming, the long hours, no boundaries with weather, the care that goes into every animal and crop on the farm. These things have given a new meaning to hard work, dedication, compassion and respect. These are the things that I am now passing on and teaching to my children today. 

Q: What is your role on the farm today? What does a day in the life look like?

A: My role on the farm has been changing a lot lately, as my kids are starting school full time. So, I am able to get out more and help with different jobs that I couldn’t do with kids in toe before. After I get the kids on the bus, I'm leaving right behind them to meet Daniel, who is waiting with my horse tacked up. Off we go to check cows, pull bulls, or whatever it is that day. These jobs are often an all-day event, so I make it back in time to meet the kids coming off the bus and head back out to finish whatever it was I was doing that day. 

Q: What does the farm-to-table movement mean to you?

A: The fact that I know where my beef is coming from, and can appreciate the care that goes into raising the cattle that my family is enjoying, is one less thing I have to worry about as a mom.

Q: What’s the one thing you’d like customers to know about Gemstone Grass Fed Beef? How is Gemstone Grass Fed Beef different?

A: We are 4th generation farmers that care about the animals and land that our family is using. We do this because we can do it with our family, and we know what we are feeding our families as well. It’s important to me that we’re able to give that same assurance to our customers.

Q: What’s your favourite way to prepare Gemstone Grass Fed Beef?

A: My favourite, and probably most used recipe, would be for a slow cooker roast, I like to marinate the day before in BBQ sauce and put it in the slow cooker in the morning, frozen with veggies and potatoes, then set it and leave. When I get home, supper is waiting for us. The best part is leftovers for a roast beef sandwich or hot beef sandwich the next day.

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